About Renegade Design

Renegade is a Lighting and Production Design Studio based in London, founded by designer and creative director Nicholas Gray in 2005.

The studio operates internationally and across multiple creative industries such as fashion, music and visual arts with a strong focus on innovative technical and aesthetic solutions drawn from different disciplines. Renegade’s work ranges from complex site-specific installations to highly produced fashion shows and bespoke brand experiences.

The cross-contamination between industries and various media, allowed the studio to establish its unique set of visual codes and distinctive design approach, hinging on the holistic understanding of different creative languages.

The studio is renowned for distilling scenic and architectural elements into each project, creating an end product that expands beyond its original brief, encompassing high design and in-depth technical knowledge.


Renegade has recently expanded its lighting design practice creating a new department within the studio offering bespoke spatial design services.

Built on an extensive background in design and fabrication, the new section of the studio will provide high quality design solutions integrating the overall creative vision with the physical outputs required for each project.

A rigorous curatorial process will ensure the highest standards and consistency throughout every step of the production development, from the sourcing of materials, establishing the most suitable fabrication techniques / suppliers, to designing sculptural scenic elements and prototypes.

The perception of space and the creative potential of the synergetic dialogue between lighting and architectural elements, will be at the core of the studio’s design process and exploration.