(UK & Europe)

Renegade and set designer Stuart Nunn, created and visually directed Bastille’s ‘Give me the Future’ show design and tour. Exploring the dystopic world of the band’s fourth studio album, and bringing to life their vision of a society under the control of ‘near-reality’ corporation, FUTURE INC’ – the duo created a digital landscape, wrapping around the band and supporting the audience’s journey in and out of the virtual world: The Innerverse.

A series of tired platforms and staircases provided a playground for frontman Dan Smith to explore during the set and provided constantly changing vignettes of musicians and singers in three dimensional space: sometimes epic in scale, sometimes incredibly intimate.

Creative Direction: Renegade Design & Stuart Nunn
Lighting Design: Renegade Design & Jamie Trant
Set Design: Stuart Nunn
Photography: Sarah Louise Bennet