(UK Arena Tour)

Kasabian’s tour and show design for the band’s seventh studio album. Renegade Design worked alongside Sergio Pizzorno and Hingston Studio to develop the overall show design and direction.

Taking the Alchemist typeface created for the album, we expanded on the square grid which underpins the font – this template formed the starting point for the lighting concept. Digital linear fixtures were integrated into a custom 3D framework, to construct an animated landscape that housed all the lighting.

Contrasting light animations, alongside the intense strobes and vivid beams, were designed to align with the text unfolding on the side screens creating a perfectly timed backdrop for the band’s energetic performance led by Pizzorno.

Hingston Studio was appointed the creative direction for the album campaign and produced bespoke visual content for the live shows. Exploring themes of alchemy and reinvention, the visual language created by Hingston is a hybrid collision of astrology, time travel and anthropology.

Client: Kasabian 
Creative Direction & Screen Content: Hingston Studio
Show & Lighting Design: Renegade Design
Alchemist Typeface Design: Sam Norris at Hingston Studio
Lead animator: Markus Lehtonen at Hingston Studio
Lighting Supplier: Zeal 
Lighting Operator: Elliot Mountford
Crew chief: @RCHRDprks
Photography: Luke Dyson