(Cornwall, 2018)

The Eden Project commissioned Nick Gray (Renegade Design) and Nathan Prince (Silent Studios) to design a series of bespoke works for the ‘Christmas at Eden’ season. The creative duo transformed the space into ever-changing landscapes of light, shadows, music and soundscapes.

One of the key elements of this large-scale installation included The Weather-Makers, filling the Rainforest Biome with mist, haze and sounds. The coloured light and deconstructed choral soundscape were manipulated by an algorithm using the weather data from four real-world rainforests to represent a year-in-the-life of the incredible Weather Makers.With the environment in a continual state of flux, the transient light, colour and mist mimic the weather conditions at the rainforest locations.

Precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind speed and cloud cover all influence the light and the soundscape. A glowing laser forest was created in the Mediterranean Biome and the beautiful Twelve Part Winter was illuminating the Infinity Blue sculpture in the Core education centre with light and sounds.

Creative Direction: Nick Gray (Renegade Design) and Nathan Prince (Silent Studios)
Lighting Design: Renegade Design
Music composition & vocals: Liam Paton (Silent Studios) and Jade Pybus (Res Lab)
Spatial audio design & mix: Andy Theakstone
Real-time code & software: Mana Bushimada
Photography: James Wicks