(Langley St, Covent Garden)

Concept champagne bar, directed and hosted by musician St Vincent.
In a society continuing to be challenged by technology, St Vincent imagines a world in which “the bar” becomes the place to seek authentic connection with one another. A place where our individual moments of enjoyment can be captured and shared in the real world.

Playing with the idea of memory as a powerful medium for visual storytelling, St Vincent takes the sensory and joyful characteristics of champagne as inspiration in her creation of “Souvenir”.

Designed to work synergistically with the soundscape to evoke memories and reverie, the lighting installation was one of main visual elements of the immersive experience.

Creative Direction: St Vincent
Branding & Visual Identity: Hingston Studio
Sound Design: St Vincent & Tamber Studios
Production Company: Mission
Lighting Design: Renegade Design
Art Installation: Rotganzen
Scenic: Firecracker Works