Eden Project (Cornwall, 2018)

At almost 9 metres tall, Infinity Blue by Studio Swine is the centrepiece to the Christmas installations for 2018.
Here, we re-appropriate the sculpture by adding a 12-piece ‘choir’ made from loudspeakers circling Infinity Blue. Drawing from the iconic traditional British folk Christmas carol ‘The Holly & The Ivy’ a sound bed of choral vocal parts and an elemental winter soundscape is divided and played through 12 individual speaker sculptures, immersing guests in an elaborate celebration of life at the darkest time of the year, when it may seem like spring will never return.

Creative Direction: Nick Gray (Renegade Design) and Nathan Prince Music (Silent Studios)
Composition & vocals: Liam Paton (Silent Studios) and Jade Pybus (Res Lab)
Spatial audio design: Andy Theakstone
Photography: James Wicks